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Time for Prom in Colorado

V1Prom season has arrived and with it we bring gorgeous prom flowers, including corsages and boutonnieres in a wide range of styles and colors to fit every dress and tux, flower and color choice, and, of course, budget.V3

Using the freshest flowers available, our floral design creates these prom flowers or works with you to create your own custom corsage or custom boutonniere. You can either pick them up in our Denver flower shop or we can hand deliver them to you on the day of the big dance.

To help you get started on what you might like to have in the way of prom flowers, here are a few prom flower ideas:

Enchantment Corsage and BoutonniereV2

Paired together, these stunning prom flower arrangements provide an elegant look. The corsage has pink ranunculus, pink Peruvian lilies, and mini white calla lilies with greenery and pink sheer ribbon accents. The boutonniere has a single mini white calla lily and pink ranunculus bloom with variegated ivy, solidago, and a silver gray ribbon as accents.V4

Fancy Alstromeria Corsage

This gorgeous corsage is bright and bold, offering a standout statement for your prom. It is accented with ribbon and grennery.

Rose Corsage

This traditional corsage offers a beautiful look that is sure to coordinate well with any type of prom dress and tuxedo combination.

Fancy Yellow Rose CorsageV5

Enjoy this unique twist on the traditional rose corsage wristlet. It features bold roses, greenery, and accent ribbons to set you apart from the rest of the prom crowd.

Sweet Sunshine Wristlet CorsageV6

This stunning corsage features red, orange, and yellow spray roses along with red hypericum berries, lush greenery, and topaz rhinestones that have been accented with sage grosgrain ribbon.

Rose & Alstromeria Armband Corsage

This stunning armband-style corsage is great for a sleeveless or strapless dress as it covers a good portion of your arm with accents and flowers in a range of colors and textures.V7

Now that you have seen some of the prom flowers we offer, it’s time to place your order for one of these, others from our prom flower collection, or a custom corsage or custom boutonniere.

Toast the Admins in Your Office

V1Administrative Professionals’ Week is April 19-24 and Administrative Professionals’ Day is Wednesday, April 22nd. Whether you just recognize the day or you celebrate all week, this is the time to let your admins know how much you value their talent, commitment, and hard work. They are often those unsung heroes that keep all the daily tasks moving so the office and company runs smoothly.v2

To help you toast the admins in your office or even those that may work for you in a virtual way, here are some beautiful gifts that you can give to each one or as a group gift.

Thanks a Daisy Bouquet

This is a sweet way to show an admin just how much you value them. It offers a bright floral display of pink gerberas, lavender daisies, and green cushion mums in a vase that features hand-painted daisies.

Spring Garden BouquetV3

This cheerful flower arrangement has pale yellow roses, pink spray roses, pink alstroemeria and pink mini carnations in a bevel-cut glass vase, offering all the colors of spring in one oversized floral display.V4

Blushing Splendor Bouquet

This gorgeous flower arrangement offers a wide array of stunning flower varieties, including white hydrangeas, pink Asiatic lilies, pink roses, pink gerbera daisies and pink alstroemeria in a pink cylinder vase that has been lined with aspidistra leaves.

Colorado Sunrise Bouquet

This brightly hued flower arrangement contains blue hydrangea, bi-color yellow and orange roses, dark orange Asiatic lilies, tulips and miniature calla lilies in a weathered oak planter. This particular flower arrangement is only available for local Denver deliveries.V5

Special Gift Ideas for Administrative ProfessionalsV6

Besides flower arrangements, other items make great gifts for admins or for your whole team of admins. Consider these gifts ideas:

  • The Orchid Gift set includes a mini phalaenopsis orchid, scarf, and four-piece box of Godiva chocolates.
  • To feed a whole team, try the Godiva Chocolate Basket, which has a wide range of chocolate items that will tempt everyone in the office.
  • The Go Local Gourmet Basket with Fruit is for local Denver deliveries only and contains numerous products from locally owned Colorado companies and farms, such as applesauce, pear sauce, peppers, sour balls, toffee and peach drops as well as 27 pieces of seasonal fresh fruit like kiwi, oranges, apples, grapefruit and more.

You can place your order online, by phone, or in person at our Denver flower shop. Order now for best selection!

Celebrate Easter with Centerpieces, Flower Arrangements, and Gifts

V6Easter is Sunday, April 5th so it’s time to get the house ready and get that gift list in order for friends, family, and colleagues. We’ve put together some of our personal favorites from this year’s Easter collection.V7

Easter Flowers & Plants

For home décor, the Easter brunch table, or as a special gift, you will be sure to like these Easter flower and Easter plant ideas:

  • Send a Hug Bunny Love Easter Bouquet consists of roses, tulips, stock and daisies in a keepsake pink ceramic vase that has a bunny hugging its side. It’s a sweet way to celebrate Easter with a loved on.
  • Crystal Cross Bouquet brings spiritual inspiration on this reverential holiday. It is a gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers with a crystal cross that is displayed in the middle of the flower arrangement.v8
  • Easter Sunrise Centerpiece is a stunning way to set the Easter Brunch table. This Easter flower arrangement has pink tulips, purple stock, pink bi-colored lilies, yellow and lavender daisies an pink alstromeria all set in a pink dish that has been accented with Easter eggs.
  • Easter Centerpiece offers another delightful way to decorate the table. It is a mix of pastel hues that include roses, carnations, daisies and dianthus. The Easter flower arrangement also features taper candles and Easter eggs.V1

Easter Gifts – Chocolates and Plush Bunnies

Here are some fun and festive Easter gifts for your loved ones:

  • The Angora Bunny by Jellycat of London is 12” tall and is made of angora so it is super soft and super huggable.V2
  • Betsy Bunny Ballerina is also a Jellycat of London creation. She measures 9” tall and comes in a V3pink tutu with matching satin ribbon.
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny with Jelly Beans is made by Roberta’s Chocolates, a local Denver, Colorado chocolate company. The bunny stands 13” tall and is filed with jelly beans.V4
  • Chocolate Easter Egg Nest with Truffles is also made by Roberta’s Chocolates and offers a large milk chocolate egg filled with eight delicious truffles.
  • Easter Surprise Basket is a delightful gift filled with all types of wonderful items, including a Jellycat Bashful Bunny, a solid chocolate bunny, a foil-wrapped chocolate-filled egg, marshmallow bunnies dipped in chocolate and an Easter card. Within this Easter basket is also a flower arrangement of tulips, stock, carnations, daisies and alstromeria in a clear glass cube vase.V5

Easter Delivery for Denver

Many of our Easter flower arrangements, Easter centerpieces, Easter lilies, Easter baskets and Easter gifts are specially priced and ready to be ordered to ensure delivery by Easter. We deliver throughout Denver and the entire country. Just call us, stop in, or order online today!


How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer in a Vase

v1We all wish flowers would last forever, but unfortunately once we cut them and remove them from their natural environment, they begin to die. Even in nature, flowers eventually die and then are replaced with new blooms.

However, if you have flowers in a vase, there are some ways that you can keep them fresh longer so you can enjoy them for the longest time possible. These ideas may seem weird but they have been proven to work alongside regularly re-trimming the stems and adding fresh water:v2

  • Add ¼ cup of soda to flower water. There is sugar in the soda that helps the blooms last longer. Typically, it is best to use a clear soda. It’s just more attractive than pouring dark soda in the water as the water will then look dirty.
  • Spray your flower arrangement with hairspray on the underside of the petals and leaves. Just like hair, it keeps everything lifted and in place for a longer time.
  • Pour in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into the vase water to keep flowers fresh.
  • Get those flowers a little tipsy by adding a few drops of vodka or another clear spirit to the water along with one teaspoon of sugar. The flowers will be sure to be the life of the party.v4
  • Give the flowers a bit of crushed aspirin. Not only will the flowers get rid of their hangover, they will stay energized and fresh for longer.
  • While it sounds crazy, add ¼ teaspoon of bleach per quart of water as this helps to stop the growth of bacteria.
  • Throw a copper penny into your vase water as this also stops the growth of bacteria.

Also make sure you keep the flowers out of the direct sunlight and away from vents that blow hot or cold air on them.v2

You will also want to opt for a florist who can provide the freshest flowers available who hand arranges them and hand delivers them to ensure they have a fighting chance to stay as fresh as long as possible. We do not use any boxes to deliver our flowers because this is not an ideal way to help flowers last not to mention it does not deliver the best possible presentation to recipients.

Spring Flowers are Here! Let’s Celebrate!

v1While we are not quite there yet on the spring weather, it is coming and in the meantime we can enjoy the warmth and bold colors of the spring flowers now available in our garden showroom here in our Denver flower shop. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or having a spring wedding or maybe you are decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday, we have the flowers, flower ideas, and gifts to make this a special spring season.

We’re excited because all of our favorite spring flowers are here and you can check out some of the incredible new spring flower arrangements waiting for you in our Denver flower shop or our online florist shop. Check these beauties out:v2


This unique spring flower arrangement features petite bundles of pastel roses, tulips, lilies and a mini hydrangea hand arranged in a modern glass cylinder vase


This modern flower arrangement showcases seven stunning stems each of purple, pink and yellow tulips that are gathered together into single bunches that sit side by side in a chic rectangle vase.v3


This is a unique flower arrangement that combines numerous tulips with dramatic forsythia blooms in a tall vase.


Inspired by the fresh, colorful flowers on a winding country road, this charming compact spring bouquet features sunflowers, pink roses, hot pink spray roses, lavender monte casino, and yellow button poms inside a rustic burlap cube vase.

This adorable pink pitcher is filled to the brim with a bouquet of soft pink blooms.

Many of our spring flower arrangements are now on sale so it’s the best time to get the most for your money and enjoy that much more out of this year’s spring flowers. Of course, we have many more spring flower arrangements to choose from as well as hanging flower baskets, blooming plants, green plants and more. You can also work with our floral design team located in our Denver flower shop to create custom spring flower arrangements for a gift or event.v5

This is the time to order your Easter flowers and Easter flower baskets to ensure delivery on or before Easter Sunday.

Celebrate Plant A Flower Day at Veldkamp’s Garden Center and Flower Shop

052As a sustainable business that is focused on ensuring that Mother Nature keeps on giving for generations to come, we understand and respect that our natural resources have to be renewed and nurtured.

That’s why we partner with flower farms that only use sustainable farming practices and continually replant what they harvest. We want everyone to enjoy the beauty of flowers now and in the future.055

Ways to Participate in Plant a Flower Day

To help bring awareness to the idea that we should always give back to nature, we want to remind you that Thursday, March 12th is Plant a Flower Day. This is when you can do your part by adding flowers to your garden or creating a dish or basket garden to enjoy in and around your home as well as your office.

Better yet, you can work within the local Denver area and find a community garden to help add flowers to or even just enjoy some of our parks and natural areas to reflect on how much flowers add to our lives.054

Our Selection for Plant a Flower Day

Be sure to come visit our garden center and flower shop located near downtown Denver where you can find many flowers and gardening supplies as well as flower arrangements and bouquets to enjoy yourself or to give to other special people in your life.

We have basket and dish gardens, hanging baskets full of flowers, unique and luxury flower arrangements and even a great gift basket full of gardening supplies. You can also work directly with our floral design team on a custom flower arrangement or on flower arrangements for an event to celebrate Plant a Flower Day.059

Whatever you choose to do and for whatever reason, you should know that our fresh-cut flowers from premier sustainable flower farmers last longer and provide something beautiful for much longer than other florists that may offer you boxed flowers. Every floral arrangement we sell is hand arranged and uses the best available flowers that are placed in unique vases and containers. Then, these flowers are hand delivered to maintain their just picked look.

We deliver throughout the Denver area as well as throughout Colorado and the entire country. Order now to enjoy special pricing now available on many flower arrangements as well as to ensure delivery for Plant a Flower Day!

Gift Time! It’s Employee Appreciation Day and International Working Women’s Day!

v4During the first week of March, there are two special days that are all about celebrating the professional who works hard and strives to be the best in their field.

As your employer, colleague, or even friend, you may want to know that this week is Employee Appreciation Day is on Friday, March 6th and International Working Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th.v1

Gifting someone you know on one or both of these days is a way to inspire and show you value them not to mention the motivation they may feel when feeling so appreciated.

We’ve got a great selection of flowers and gifts to give on both of these days that offers the freshest flowers, unique arrangements, and great value with even some special spring flower promotions.

The Orange Escape Bouquet is a tangerine dream of color with a bright array that includes orange roses, spray roses, carnations, gerbera daisies, and alstromeria as well as green button poms and lush greenery hand arranged.

A Splendid Day Bouquet features lavender roses and monte casino asters, purple matsumoto asters, green hypericum berries, green button poms, and greenery in a glass bubble bowl. v2

The Well Done Bouquet sends the perfect message to an employee for their hard work. This flower arrangement is filled with pink roses, green Fuji chrysanthemums, pink alstromeria, yellow Asiatic lilies and greenery in a cube vase.

The Simple Perfection Bouquet is a stunning array of stargazer lilies and waxflower hand arranged in a square tapered glass vase.v3

The Lime-Licious Bouquet is a green delight with green roses, carnations, mini carnations, and button poms along with white cushion poms and alstromeria all hand arranged in a square green glass vase.

You can also order a custom flower arrangement by stopping into our Denver flower shop and working with our amazing floral design team.

Of course, we have other gifts too, including plants, flowering plants, silk flowers and plants, collectibles, gourmet food and gift baskets, balloons, and greeting cards, which other great ways to express your gratitude on these two special days.v5

We can deliver throughout Denver, including same day delivery, as well as across the country and even internationally. It’s time to place your order and recognize your talented team of individuals and those you know that work hard all over the world.

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