v4There’s more to celebrate in July than our independence. There are the togetherness and special relationships that come from our family. In July, there are many special occasion days dedicated to family:

Cousin’s Day on July 23rd

Parent’s Day on July 24th

Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th

Father-in-Law Day on July 30th

We’ve got the best type of gifts to send family that lives here in Denver and some gift options that are available for national delivery. Here are some  special gifts from our gift collection to consider for your loved ones:


This is a special treat for any occasion and says it’s alright to have some of those sugary and salty snacks once-in-awhile. This gift basket includes cookies, candy bars, chips, soda and more. Food and drinks vary based on availability.V7


The baseball lover in the family will love this basket of baseball goodies like peanuts and Cracker Jacks as well as pistachios, pretzels, and root beer. It also comes with a baseball!


Our Vintage Gift Basket features some special items like a solid milk chocolate Mug of Beer (or Root Beer, depending on the recipient’s age) made by Denver chocolatier Roberta’s Chocolates. The gift basket also has a tin of Classic Dominoes, Sky Streak Propeller Powered Planes (2 in the box), Jetfire Gliders Balsa Wood Stunt Planes (2 in the box), Miss Vickies Potato Chips, an assortment of Planters Peanuts and two bottles of IBC Rootbeer.


This gift basket combines fresh fruit and delicious gourmet snacks, including grapefruit, apples, kiwi, cookies, crackers, sausage, cheese and more. There are four sizes to choose from, including the small basket for up to 6 people; the medium basket for 7-10 people; the large basket for 11-14 people; and the extra-large basket for 14 or more people.thanksgivingv5


The golf lover in the family will adore this golf gift basket. It has a solid milk chocolate bar decorated with a golfer motif made by Roberta’s Chocolates, a box of three golf balls, and a bag of golf tees as well as Miss Vickies Potato Chips, Jack Link Pepper Jerky, and two bottles of IBC Rootbeer.

Order Today!

While these special days are closer to the end of July, it’s best to order now by phone, in our Denver flower shop, or online to ensure your family members get their gifts!