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Our Exclusive Floral Designs Deliver Elegance and Beauty

What does exclusive mean? Well, it means it's the only one of its kind, which adds to the value it delivers to the recipient or the person buying it. Not being able to buy it anywhere else can make an item truly special. And, that's the message we wanted to send with our exclusive floral design collection. While there are similar floral designs across flower shops based on classic floral designs. Our exclusive designs mean that only our floral designers have developed and offer these unique artistic displays. Here are some highlights that illustrate the style and types of special floral designs you can find as part of this flower arrangement and bouquet collection:   These pictures speak for themselves in terms of illustrating the truly innovative floral designs at work with our exclusive Denver flower bouquets.  It's not only about the choice of gorgeous flowers and how they are arranged within the design, but it's also about the types of accents like artichokes that are used as well as the stunning containers that complete the look of each flower arrangement.  Our floral design team noted that they get their inspiration from the beautiful surroundings right here in Denver during hiking

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Add to Your Labor Day Celebrations with Sunny Flower Arrangements

As the summer draws to a close with the three-day weekend known as Labor Day weekend, there are many celebrations in the works, including barbecues and block parties. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our summer specials and decorate your Labor Day event with flower arrangements and flower centerpieces or you can gift a host with a beautiful summer flower arrangement. Festive Summer Flower Arrangements To help you out, we have an array of summer flower specials to choose from. Here are some of the highlights: Cocktail Flowers: One of the best parts of the summer is always the drinks like margaritas, sangrias, and martinis. We’ve taken those drinks and turned them into flower arrangements. These bright and beautiful flower arrangements are put in reusable oversized martini and margarita glasses and make for fun and festive floral centerpieces. Doggie Paddle: The dog days of summer are arranged as a cute flower arrangement made of white carnations and yellow palms along with festive seashells and a paper umbrella. Seashore Glow: This stunning summer flower arrangement offers a combination of bright flowers, including roses, delphinium, poms, and beer grass inside a mosaic glass candleholder that you can re-use. Summer

Spring is Here with Special Flowers for All Occasions

We’re so excited that the weather is warming up here in Denver and we are getting daily shipments from our flower farm partners that include stunning spring flowers like tulips, roses, sunflowers, daisies, hydrangea and more. Our customers have a lot of upcoming special occasions, including weddings, events, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, graduation and prom not to mention Mother’s Day on May 11th, so the timing couldn’t be better to have all these fresh, beautiful flowers for our amazing floral design team to create something spectacular whether its new floral designs or custom flower arrangements that our customers dream up. First, there is our new spring flower collection is brightly hued with cheery colors, pretty vases and ceramic containers, sweet baskets and beautiful accents like butterflies. Then, we have created a separate collection for Mother’s Day, which contains over 75 different floral and gift ideas for that most important person in your life known affectionately as Mom. There are some truly extraordinary floral designs, including traditional and contemporary styles. Many are large and luxurious, overflowing with multiple dozens of roses or other flowers in a rainbow choice of colors. There are also many flower baskets, flowering plants, and dish gardens that

Welcome To Veldkamp’s Blog

Veldkamp's Flowers Voted "Best Florist" In Denver Welcome to our blog. Our goal for this blog is to share the latest floral design tips, recent industry news, interesting articles on floral design, photos and videos of gorgeous flower arrangements, plants, gourmet baskets and more. Right now, we are gearing up for the Thanksgiving flower season. We invite you to visit our main website at, to see our entire selection of Thanksgiving table centerpieces and beautiful Fall flower arrangements. Veldkamp's Flowers is a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. The company was originally founded in 1960. We employ an expert team of floral design professionals who are known throughout Colorado for creating stunning flower arrangements and unique, contemporary floral designs.  We purchase our flowers direct from the floral farms. Buying both from domestic and international growers, we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of flowers and to ensure them that they will always receive the finest, freshest and highest quality flowers available in Colorado. Ben Veldkamps Jr. opened the first Veldkamp's Flowers store in December 1960, in what was the Westland Shopping Center. Ben Veldkamp Jr. later sold Veldkamp's Flowers to his son, Ben