Celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day at Our Denver Garden Center

June 5th is National Gardening Exercise Day, which was created to motivate people to get moving into the garden and grow something to help Mother Nature stay beautiful and sustain our environment. It's not only a great hobby, but gardening also provides great exercise, including movements that stretch and build muscle not to mention plenty of squats in there. One of the places you will like to spend this special June day is down at our Denver garden center where we have a wide selection of green plants, blooming plants, succulents, indoor plants, hanging planters, and dish gardens and baskets. Whether you are shopping for yourself or celebrating the day by gifting loved one, we have the best variety, quality, and value in Denver when it comes to flowers and plants. Here are some of the outdoor plant collection highlights from our Denver garden center: Our 14" Patio Pot with Mixed Blooms are each unique in terms of their color and floral variety. Get yours today to brighten your patio or porch! Our 18" Moss Hanging Basket of Purple, Pink, and White Blooms includes a variety of flowers and is perfect for sunny areas around your house. Nature's Delight Dish