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Celebrating the Oscars with Friends? Add to the Party Décor with Elegant Flowers

If you are an award season aficionado, then you know this Sunday, February 26th is the Oscar’s, the final awards show of the season. It’s full of glitz and glamor, including feasting on all the great gowns and jewelry. Many people like to host viewing parties for the Oscars because it’s fun to watch with friends and family and critique all the outfits. If that’s you and you are looking for a way to add some elegance to your Oscars viewing party, consider some of our most stunning flower arrangements like these beauties: • The Pure Opulence Luxury Bouquet is a breathtaking display hand-arranged in a patterned vase with white-on-white flowers, including white roses and white Oriental lilies along with dusty miller and greenery. • The Blushing Extravagance Luxury Bouquet contains hot pink roses, red roses and spray roses, and greenery along with roses that have sparkling stone accents at their center. It’s finished off with looping silver wire and a mirrored vase. • The Evening Glamour Luxury Bouquet is perfect for the Oscars. It features fade green cymbidium and dendrobium orchids along with red ti leaves. It’s an amazing floral show. • The Astonishing Luxury Mixed Bouquet has pink

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Welcoming Autumn with a New Fall Flower Collection

The temperatures are already signaling the change in the weather, which means Autumn is just about here. We’ve been getting ready for a few weeks now by putting together a new collection of fall flowers and gifts at our Denver flower shop and for our online flower shop. The fall flower collection features some new floral designs based on suggestions from our customers and from trends our team has seen throughout the florist industry. Here are some of the highlights that you can consider for special occasions, gifts, décor and celebrations: • Bountiful Bouquet is a stunning fall flower arrangement contained in a festive ceramic pumpkin container. It features red roses, butterscotch daisies, orange Asiatic lilies, lush greenery and burgundy mini carnations. • The Turning Leaves Bouquet features orange roses, curly willow, red alstromeria and more in a keepsake, hand-glazed stoneware pot that showcases a maple leaf motif. • Fabulous Feline for Fall is an adorable display with white carnations made to look like a kitten. The flower arrangement is contained in a keepsake pumpkin container along with a mix of autumn leaves and greenery. • The Autumn Beauty Bouquet features purple stock and lisianthus as well as hot pink

Celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day on February 17th

This special day was created with the idea that more people may take the time to do something kind like say “hello” or “good morning” to strangers, smile, or help if they see someone in need. It’s also a great time to do something special for those in your life. Being kind just feels good for everyone involved. In a stressed out world, just a smile can help someone feel better about their day. It puts a positive vibe out there and is catching. Once one person starts it, the wheels are in motion for others to turn to the next person with a smile or kind word. Of course, a gift on Random Act of Kindness Day wouldn’t hurt either! Think about stopping into our Denver flower shop and picking up a great deal on bulk flowers so you can pass out roses to strangers or create simple bouquets to gift to a few special people in your life. These three new additions to our flower collection illustrate the type of beautiful colors and styles available in three different sizes (Deluxe, Premium, and Exquisite): Garden Park Bouquet offers burgundy mini carnations, coral gerbera daisies, pink alstromeria, pink Asiatic lilies

Flowers to Welcome the New Bundle of Joy!

This summer, you may have loved ones that are welcoming their first baby or even their latest production, so it’s a great time to welcome the boy or girl to the world with special flowers that can be delivered directly to the hospital or later to your friend or family member’s home. Here are some ideas for offering flowers to celebrate the new bundle of joy: Baby Buggy is a sweet display for either a boy or girl that is designed in the shape of a baby buggy and features shades of white and yellow as well as pink or blue to mark this special occasion. The Baby Block Cube comes in three sizes in a vase that has a foam insert that spells out BABY. It comes with carnations, poms, and delphinium. Sweet Little Lamb comes in a baby boy or baby girl edition with accompanying color hues. The container is a keepsake vase in the shape of a little wooden lamb covered in soft fleece. Flowers include roses, spray roses, alstromeria and monte casino. Baby’s First Block comes in blue or pink and offers a keepsake glass block container. It includes a variety of fresh flowers that mirror

Eat Up These Special Days in July

There are always good things to celebrate and enjoy with something sweet and delicious, but some special days in July are the perfect excuse to indulge over the summer time. These special days were created to recognize certain foods that not only are delicious, but they are also fun to eat. It wouldn’t be right to not celebrate it, would it? There are so many yummy special days and occasions in July. These include National Cheesecake Day, National Milk Chocolate Day, National Junk Food Day and National Hot Dog Month. No matter what the day, you can celebrate these with a special gift for someone or include these items in an event or special occasion. Here, in Denver, we are here to help you celebrate these and create the perfect gift so others can too! Check out some of the great items we have for these special days: Local chocolatier, Roberta’s Chocolates, is a Colorado company out of Denver that makes delicious homemade chocolates. We offer the Chocolate Heart Box made from chocolate that is filled with 22 pieces of chocolate and the Chocolate Heart, a smaller chocolate box filled with nine pieces of chocolate. We also feature Godiva Chocolates,

How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer in a Vase

We all wish flowers would last forever, but unfortunately once we cut them and remove them from their natural environment, they begin to die. Even in nature, flowers eventually die and then are replaced with new blooms. However, if you have flowers in a vase, there are some ways that you can keep them fresh longer so you can enjoy them for the longest time possible. These ideas may seem weird but they have been proven to work alongside regularly re-trimming the stems and adding fresh water: Add ¼ cup of soda to flower water. There is sugar in the soda that helps the blooms last longer. Typically, it is best to use a clear soda. It’s just more attractive than pouring dark soda in the water as the water will then look dirty. Spray your flower arrangement with hairspray on the underside of the petals and leaves. Just like hair, it keeps everything lifted and in place for a longer time. Pour in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into the vase water to keep flowers fresh. Get those flowers a little tipsy by adding a few drops of vodka or another clear spirit

Time to Celebrate the 4th of July

This is the time of year for an Independence Day celebration whether it is a local event here in Denver or it is something you are hosting at home or in your neighborhood. Among the parades, picnics, barbecues and fireworks is the idea that we are celebrating our independence and freedom as a nation and as citizens of that nation. Denver 4th of July Celebrations The Denver city website offers a long list of great events centered around the 4th of July. Here are some of the highlights: There will be a free event at Civic Center Park on July 3, including an innovative light show and patriotic concert. The Colorado Symphony will put on a concert at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre on July 4th. The Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park will have a fireworks display on July 4th. The Park Hill 4th of Jul Parade is a family-friendly event with marching bands, floats, and acrobats. There are many arts festivals over that weekend, including the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and the First Friday Art Walk Our Independence Day Collection This year’s collection of flower arrangements and displays for 4th of July is overflowing with patriotism and unique designs. Here

Today is Plant a Flower Day

Today is Plant a Flower Day. Each year, March 12th is designated for this special celebration of nature and has become increasingly important as part of the greater attention toward environmental responsibility and the need to conserve our natural resources around the world As a flower shop that believes in the beauty and value of flowers, this special day also gives us a chance to remind everyone where flowers come from and how important it is to give back to Mother Earth. Just like other days like Plant a Tree Day, it’s a reminder that we always have to replenish what we take or it may not be there for future generations. While we are not sure how this special day got started, it is here and should be celebrated by all of us, including in your backyard, in that community garden, and across the country and world throughout any other spots where flowers will add beauty. Now that spring is just around the corner, we will see more stunning spring flowers, including tulips, daffodils, and roses come out and bloom. We can also think about planting summer and fall flowers to enjoy in the upcoming months. If you don’t

Plan Your Holiday and New Year’s Parties with Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts

Whether you are planning a Christmas party at home, office, or an event venue or getting ready for a New Year’s Eve bash or maybe you are even having a winter wedding, consider partnering with Veldkamp’s Flowers and gifts for all your floral and plant décor, including centerpieces and event flowers. Design Expertise First, our floral design team has decades of experience, creating floral designs to suit any type of party, event, or wedding, including custom designs. Our floral design team is easy to work with, listening to your ideas and making suggestions that could enhance your vision or create an affordable option for your dream floral display. Our floral design team looks at each event and wedding as an individual experience that requires a special design, so the team looks forward to every client meeting to see how creative they can get. Variety Second, we pride ourselves on our variety of flowers and plants that we make available no matter what the season. To provide you with the flowers and plants that you envision will make your holiday party, wedding, or event a memorable experience, we know it takes having a lot of options available to you. Value Third,