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Make a Difference Day in Denver

Every year, service and volunteerism get a day to draw awareness to the need to help others. It is always the fourth Saturday of October, which means it is nearly here as it lands on October 28th this year. Numerous events and projects are planned for Make a Difference Day. Be sure to go to this website and put in your zip code to see how you can get involved. There are even projects for the kids to participate in so they can get their service heart beating at an early age. Our Denver flower shop can help you recognize those individuals and organizations that are truly making a difference in their communities by sending them some special flowers. Or, you can make a difference yourself by sending out flowers to someone you know is struggling to help change their outlook. Here are some great ideas for Make a Difference Day from our fall flower collection: AUTUMN HARVEST BOUQUET ThisVera Wang bouquet comes in a deep purple honeycomb glass vase that is lined in purple metallic. It contains red roses, orange lilies, burgundy snapdragons, and purple button pompons.   AUTUMN MYSTIC BOUQUET This fall bouquet offers orange Asiatic lilies, roses, and carnations

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Fall Special Days and Events in October

Here in Denver we are enjoying the fall weather and getting ready for Halloween. In the meantime, however, there are many other special days during the month of October that you may not realize. For example, next week is Bosses Day on October 16th and Bosses Week. This is followed by the Sweetest Day on October 21st, Mother-in-Law Day on October 22nd, and Halloween on October 31st. We've got a number of gift collections that are convenient and affordable ways to make sure everyone in your life that fits these special October days knows you are thinking of them this month whether they are here in Denver or across the country.  For Bosses Week, we have a wide range of colorful and bright flower arrangements to choose from that fit many preferences for flowers and colors. The collection also features orchid plants and green plants. Of course, we also have gift baskets that might be ideal for your boss whether you work in the office with them or are a remote employee. Next up is the Sweetest Day. This special October day is dedicated to showing others thoughtful gestures and being kind. Sweet can mean many things in terms of

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Denver

Here in Denver, we are making the most of October and the national commitment to breast cancer awareness during this month. For example, national organizations with local chapters like the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Making Strides have events planned as well as local Denver groups. There are many opportunities to become involved with these or even to just plan your own celebration or remembrance ceremony. We've been busy creating custom pink flower arrangements for some of the local breast cancer events as well as putting together bouquets for sale that make great gifts for loved ones who are fighting or winning their own personal battles with this horrible disease. To give you some ideas of the pink flower arrangements available, check out these floral designs: A LITTLE PINK ME UP This inspirational flower arrangement contains pink roses and Asiatic lilies along with hot pink gerberas and miniature carnations, pink full-sized carnations, and greenery all arranged in a clear glass ball. BE BLESSED BOUQUET This flower arrangement also comes with a keepsake mug that can be used again and again for a favorite drink. It is filled with stargazer lilies, coral roses, and hot pink carnations. It offers an inspirational

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Celebrating Good Neighbor Day in Denver

National Good Neighbor Day became a national holiday in 1978 thanks to President Jimmy Carter. Its objective was to raise awareness of the value of community and neighborhoods in creating a safe and enjoyable environment where people help each other and look out for one another. This special celebration happens every year on September 28th. It's that time again to think about how you can show your neighbors you appreciate them. Whether they've been there for a while or they are new to the area, it is a positive thing to show or tell them how much you value they live next door to you. To help you out, here are some great gifts for Good Neighbor Day: HARVEST MEMORIES BASKET This flower arrangement arrives in a rustic wooden basket that has been filled with red and orange roses, orange gerbera daisies and spray roses, orange lilies, and red hypericum berries. MANY THANKS BOUQUET BY HALLMARK This Hallmark bouquet provides a colorful and cheerful welcome or thanks. It includes orange roses and daisies, burgundy mini carnations, and green button pompons. These flowers are arranged in a hammered glass vase that has been wrapped with warm brown leather-like tassels and has

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Celebrating National Grandparents’ Day

Sunday, September 10th is National Grandparents' Day. There is still time to get your grandparents a special gift of flowers whether they live here in Denver or somewhere else in the United States. We work with a network of flower shops across the country that know you want to send something special to your grandparents that shows your love. Here are some gift ideas for Grandparents' Day from our best sellers collection: STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT BOUQUET This flower arrangement comes in a glass blown vase. There are pink stargazer lilies, snapdragons, stock, and roses. Also featured are green miniature hydrangea and pink miniature carnations. A SPLENDID DAY BOUQUET This is a lovely flower arrangement of purple and green flowers. It showcases lavender roses and monte casino asters as well as purple matsumoto asters, green hypericum berries, and green button poms. You can select from three sizes of flower arrangements. CALIFORNIA CHIC BOUQUET Designed by Kathy Ireland Home, this flower arrangement includes coral roses, lavender stock, magenta mini carnations, and pink Oriental lilies. ALWAYS ON MY MIND LONG STEM ROSES Your grandparents will love this stunning arrangement of premium long-stem red roses and seasonal greenery in a clear glass garden vase.

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Celebrating Labor Day in Denver

Labor Day is the first Monday of every September. It celebrates the American worker by giving them a three-day weekend in which to enjoy themselves. While not everyone gets this time, those that do often use it to the fullest. This might mean a quick weekend getaway or some type of staycation. For those that don't like braving the roads over the holiday weekend, there are many pool parties and barbecues. Whatever you do, make sure you do something with Labor Day. After all, it is the unofficial end to summer and signals the start of school for many kids. With the end of summer and start of fall, it's a good time to take advantage of the last of the summer flowers. These beauties are an excellent addition to a Labor Day celebration. Plus, they make a nice present for a host of a Labor Day party should you get invited somewhere. Check out these summer flower arrangements before they are all gone: SUNNY GARDEN BASKET™ This garden basket includes a combination of available seasonal flowers, including roses, sunflowers, daisies, and others. There are three sizes of baskets: standard, deluxe, and premium. The standard basket includes daisies instead of

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Flowers are the Best Gift for National Smile Week and Romance Awareness Month

August is Romance Awareness Month plus the second week in the month is known as National Smile Week. Both celebrations call for a special gift for those special people in your life so that they know you are thinking about them and want them to be happy. We have all types of special flower gifts that make ideal presents for such occasions. That's because their color and beauty symbolize love, warmth, generosity, and joy in each petal and across each fragrance. Here are some special gift ideas that you can use for either occasion that offers a range of prices and styles designed to match your special recipient: FLORAL EMBRACE Floral Embrace provides lilies, sunflowers, roses, stock and alstroemeria in a cylinder vase.   PICK ME UP BOUQUET The Pick-Me-Up® Bouquet brings a smile with its mix of colors and flowers that showcase lavender roses, magenta mini carnations, green button poms, yellow daisies, and yellow solidago. It arrives in a keepsake oversized ceramic mug with the words, "Pick Me Up." SUNNY MOOD BOUQUET Housed in a cube vase, this bouquet includes yellow roses, lilies, and button pompons along with green carnations and bupleurum. SO VERY LOVED BOUQUET This stunning bouquet

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Flower and Plant Gifts for Teachers

This is the time of year when school starts again. In just a matter of a couple weeks, it will be that time where the kids start a new year and you, as a parent, get to meet the new teachers. What better way to kick off the year than with a small welcome and early thank you gift for them as well as administrators and counselors. Here are some seasonal flower and plant gifts to consider for the school year: SUNNY GARDEN BASKET This charming basket contains roses, sunflowers, daisies, and more. As a compact flower arrangement, it makes for a great floral display on a teacher's desk. GARDEN OF JOY This stunning array includes sunflowers along with other yellow flowers like roses, carnations, and daisy pompons. There are also green button pompons, solidago, bupleurum, and an aspidistra leaf within a wooden rectangle box.  SUNNY SIESTA This bold floral presentation includes light orange roses and alstroemeria, yellow Asiatic lilies, and orange gerbera daisies. These are arranged in an organza ribbon-wrapped cylinder vase. TURN UP THE PINK This cheerful flower arrangement offers pink and orange hues, multiple types of flowers, and a fuschia cube vase. LUSCIOUS GREEN DISH GARDEN Teachers

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Celebrating Friendship in Denver and Around the World

No matter where your friends are, your heart is with them. Sunday, July 30th is International Friendship Day, which is the perfect day to reach out to them with a message and special gift so they know you are thinking about them that day and every day no matter where the world they are living. We thought we would help you out by providing some beautiful floral gifts that show your love and friendship. Check out these gift ideas from our summer flower collection: SUNFLOWER SWEETNESS BOUQUET This bouquet showcases iris, sunflowers, daisies, button pompons and solidago within a mid-century modern ceramic vase that features a trellis pattern. MEADOW BOUQUET This stunning floral display has lavender carnations, white Asiatic lilies and daisy poms, orange alstroemeria, coral roses, and other special flowers and greenery arranged in a ceramic "illusion" vase that offers the look of a leaf-lined glass pillar. FRESH OUTLOOK BOUQUET This mixed bouquet delivers sunflowers along with pink roses and alstroemeria and burgundy mini-carnations arranged in a ceramic "illusion" vase that gives the appearance of a leaf-lined glass pillar. GOLDEN VISIONS BOUQUET This elegant bouquet offers sunflowers along with yellow roses, carnations, and daisy pompons that are accented with solidago and bupleurum. All

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Our Exclusive Floral Designs Deliver Elegance and Beauty

What does exclusive mean? Well, it means it's the only one of its kind, which adds to the value it delivers to the recipient or the person buying it. Not being able to buy it anywhere else can make an item truly special. And, that's the message we wanted to send with our exclusive floral design collection. While there are similar floral designs across flower shops based on classic floral designs. Our exclusive designs mean that only our floral designers have developed and offer these unique artistic displays. Here are some highlights that illustrate the style and types of special floral designs you can find as part of this flower arrangement and bouquet collection:   These pictures speak for themselves in terms of illustrating the truly innovative floral designs at work with our exclusive Denver flower bouquets.  It's not only about the choice of gorgeous flowers and how they are arranged within the design, but it's also about the types of accents like artichokes that are used as well as the stunning containers that complete the look of each flower arrangement.  Our floral design team noted that they get their inspiration from the beautiful surroundings right here in Denver during hiking

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