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Digging In To the Eating Holidays of July

Not only is July National Hot Dog Month, but it is also chock full of other special days that revolve around food. There's National Junk Food Day, National Milk Chocolate Day, and National Cheesecake Day just to name a few. To help you enjoy your own celebration or to provide special food gifts that you can send friends and family, our Denver flower shop and garden center as well as our website offers a menu of great food items many of which come from right here in Denver. Check out these goodies: Godiva Chocolates and Roberta's Chocolates We have all types of chocolate options from premium chocolatier Godiva. These include boxes with a combination of milk, dark, and white chocolates as well as those dedicated just to a certain chocolate type like milk chocolate. We even have those that feature nuts and caramel as well as treats like chocolate-covered pretzels. We also feature some beautiful -- and tasty -- chocolate creations from Denver-based chocolatier Roberta's Chocolates including a heart box made from chocolate that is then filled with a variety of chocolate confections. Junk Food Basket July 21st is National Junk Food Day so this is the perfect way to

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Why Give Gift Baskets

Sometimes flowers or plants won’t do as a gift for a loved one or a client. It may be that the person is allergic or you know it is just not their thing. That’s when a gift basket may be the best solution when you want to say thanks, congratulate someone, or celebrate a special occasion. The Advantages of Gift Baskets Here’s why they work: They are versatile and work for just about every occasion. Gift baskets are always filled with great things. There is a lot of variety that gives people the feeling they are getting so much more. Gift baskets can be shared since there is usually a lot so it becomes a great value and way to gift more than one person with just one gift. You can put just about anything in a gift basket, including food items and non-food items. Our Gift Basket Selection Our gift basket selection includes a wide array of choices because we realize there are different taste preferences and a range of budgets. To make it easy to shop for gift baskets, we have created a number of gift basket categories in our online store. These include: Fruit Baskets Junk Food