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Graduation Time in Denver

It’s time for middle school, high school, and college graduation in Denver. As another school year draws to a close, many students face a new chapter in their lives and can look back with pride on what they have accomplished. So can their parents. Along with all the festivities, it’s a good idea to also recognize the teachers and administrators that helped your kids reach their goals, providing guidance and direction at every turn. No matter what you plan to do for graduation, be sure to consider Veldkamps Flowers and our graduation collection for your celebrations, including graduation day flowers and bouquets as well as graduation party flowers. Here are some of the highlights from our graduation collection: Congrats Bouquet This flower arrangement for graduation comes in three sizes and offers a bright array of flowers like gerbera daisies, roses, statice and button poms along with greenery. The flowers are hand arranged in a blue glass vase that has a silver metallic tag with the word, “Congrats.” Premium Long Stem Roses We have an array of colorful choices to choose from so get your grad’s favorite color or a combination of colors that represents their alma mater. Radiant Bouquet This

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Graduation Gifts for Students and Teachers in Denver

As another year closes, many students are now looking back on significant accomplishments and ahead at a new chapter in their lives. For Denver high school students and Denver college students, many will be now graduating and heading out into something new. It’s the time to celebrate what they have achieved plus thank the teachers and professors behind the scenes that helped guide them on the right path. At our Denver flower shop and through our website, we have an incredible Graduation collection of flowers and gifts designed to gift both grads and teachers. Here are some highlights to help you find exactly what you want: The Congrats Bouquet is a stunner with orange roses, yellow gerbera daisies, purple statice, green button poms and lush greenery. These flowers are then hand arranged in a blue glass vase that has a silver metallic tag that reads, “Congrats.” It is available in three sizes. A Splendid Day Bouquet offers lavender roses and Monte Casino asters, green button poms and hypericum berries, lush greenery and purple Matsumoto asters. These beauties are arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl to show off their splendor. Premium Long-Stem Roses. We have roses in all colors, including

Denver Graduation Flowers & Gifts

This is the season for graduations in Denver, including local high schools, colleges, and universities. Not only is it a the time to celebrate hard work, accomplishment, and commitment to learning, but it also is a way for loved ones to commend students on a job well done. There are awards banquets, graduation ceremonies, and graduation parties that need the special touch of flowers. You also want to gift the grad with something special, so we have a graduation collection of flower arrangements, bouquets, and gifts that offers an array of options to find the perfect way to congratulate the grad in your life. Graduation Gift Ideas Some of the highlights from the graduation gift collection include: Clarity Luxury Rose Bouquet offers a premium rose display of 24-inch long-stemmed white roses within a modern 10-inch clear glass cylindrical vase. The Denver Dazzler is a bright display of alstroemeria, roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas, and snapdragons in a glass vase. The Congrats Bouquet includes orange roses, yellow gerbera daisies, purple statice, green button poms and greenery in a blue glass vase with a silver metallic tag that reads “Congrats.” The Sunshine Dreams Bouquet offers a mix of gorgeous flowers, including green hydrangea, yellow

Your Choice for High-Quality Flowers & Gifts for Graduation

It’s that time of year again when students throughout the Denver area are graduating high school and college, which means celebrations are in full effect to commend them for a job well done as they move onto the next big stage in their life. It is also a great time to gift those that helped your grad, including teachers, mentors, tutors and administrators alike. We are excited to share our newest graduation gift collection with you, which includes everything from flowers and flowering plants to unique gift baskets, greeting cards, and stuffed animals all tied to the theme of graduation. This is such a special time of year and one that must be celebrated because of the incredible accomplishments that go into getting any type of degree. This year, we are really proud of the beautiful selection of flower arrangements and bouquets that we have put together. Additionally, we offer custom graduation flower arrangement services so loved ones can gift students with something truly unique that matches their personalities and even their school colors. This is a chance for our talented floral design team to work directly with customers to make something truly special. For graduation, we have many other