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Denver’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Roses Still Available!

Valentine's Day arrives in just a few short days on Wednesday, February 14th. While you may think there are no more roses left to give your sweetheart, the good news is that we still have gorgeous long-stemmed roses waiting for you to send locally here in Denver or across the country. We are proud to be Denver's favorite florist for roses on Valentine's Day. Our roses are large with more petals that other rose types. That means your sweetheart will be able to enjoy them for much longer and treasure the message they send. Our roses are available in all quantities. You can buy one in a bud vase or a half a dozen with baby's breath. Or, you can buy Valentine's Day roses by the dozens. In fact, we have some Valentine's Day rose arrangements with over five dozen roses. There is no limit to what we can create for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day! Our floral designers have really enjoyed making some custom Valentine's Day bouquets and Valentine's Day flower arrangements this year due to the creativity and love our customers have shown their special someones. In addition to Valentine's Day roses or other Valentine's Day flower arrangements,

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Valentine’s Day Flowers to Enjoy All Week Long

This year, February 14th lands on a Wednesday, which means Valentine's Day is in the middle of the week. While it's great to enjoy that special time, an even better idea is to deliver your Valentine's Day flowers a few days early on Monday so your sweetheart has the whole week to enjoy this beautiful gift. Here are some ideas from our Valentine's Day collection of beautiful blooms you can surprise and delight your Valentine with a few days earlier than expected: MY SWEET VALENTINE This Valentine's Day bouquet offers red roses, pink mini carnations, white Asiatic lilies, pink alstroemeria, red carnations and pink waxflower in a red glass cylinder vase. COLORADO VALENTINE ROSE BOUQUET Available only for local Denver delivery, this bouquet showcases roses in various colors. There are one dozen in total in shades of red, pink, and lavender. These are highlighted by white hydrangeas and two butterflies. DELICATE HEART BOUQUET This flower arrangement for Valentine's Day comes in a red glass lantern vase that has lace detail and a heart charm. Flowers includes red roses and an assortment of purple flowers. MY HEARTS DELIGHT BOUQUET This is a mixed floral bouquet with red roses and gerbera daisies, pink tulips, and white stock. There are

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Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner!

Now that January is halfway over, it's time to start thinking about your plans for the next biggest holiday -- Valentine's Day. Although it's a month away, that's still just around the corner for what is one of our busiest days of the year. In fact, we are already getting Valentine's Day flower orders and will gladly accept yours. Because of this, we have released our Valentine's Day collection now that you can see online and enjoy in our Denver flower shop. To get you in the mood for shopping for your sweetheart, check out some of these highlights: DENVER VALENTINE ROMANCE BOUQUET This is a romantic bouquet filled with long-stem red roses, pink stargazer lilies, and white stock along with Aspidistra leaves in a Charlotte vase that features a faux rhinestone accent band. RED HAUTE BOUQUET This is two gifts in one. There is a keepsake glass lantern vase that has lace detail and a sparkling heart charm. Then, that is filled with the gift of gorgeous seasonal blooms with numerous premium varieties included.  SWEETHEARTS VALENTINE BOUQUET This stunning Valentine's Day floral display contains hot pink, pink lilies, and red mini carnations arranged in a pink glass vase with a red metallic base. JEWELED

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Show Your Loved One They’re Always On Your Mind

This Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, February 14th), show your loved one just how much they mean to you by gifting them with stunning flowers from our Denver showroom. We have a wide array of Valentine’s Day flowers and bouquets that offer many styles and prices to fit everyone’s tastes and budgets. Check out some of highlights from our Valentine’s Day collection: • Love’s Passion Bouquet offers a classic mix of red roses and tulips as well as white lilies in a glass vase. • Forever Your Valentine includes red, pink, and white roses along with red gerbera daisies, stargazer lilies, pink stock and waxflower, and white hydrangea in a vase lined with aspidistra leaves. It comes with a Jellycat of London Bertie Bear, an eight-piece box of Godiva Chocolates, or both, depending on the Valentine’s Day package you select. • My Sweet Valentine contains red roses and carnations, pink waxflower and alstromeria, white Asiatic lilies, and pink mini carnations in a red glass cylinder vase. • The Denver Valentine Romance Bouquet has long-stemmed red roses, white stock, and pink stargazer lilies accented with aspidistra leaves in a vase that has a faux rhinestone accent band. • The True Lovelies Valentine bouquet

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Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th!

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, more flowers, roses, and gifts are already expected to be delivered on the day before the holiday than ever before. Our Monday schedule is already filling up fast as more people realize the benefit of delivering these special Valentine’s Day gifts a day early. That’s because it provides one more day to enjoy some stunning flowers and roses for Valentine’s Day plus spreads the love over more days! Our Valentine’s Day collection includes a breathtaking display of luxury flower arrangements this year. Here are some of the highlights: • The Blushing Extravagance Luxury Bouquet features hot pink roses, red roses and spray roses, and greenery with some extraordinary sparkling stone accents that have been placed in the center of some of the glowers. Silver wires have been added to create a looping effect. All of it is hand arranged in a mirrored vase. • The Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet has 100 24-inch long-stemmed roses housed within a 13-inch pillow vase. It’s something your loved one will never forget receiving! • The Pure Opulence Luxury Bouquet has white roses and white Oriental lilies that deliver an elegant look. These flowers are displayed

Flowers Remains as the World’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift

While jewelry and chocolates are treasured as great Valentine’s Day gifts, they still cannot beat out the love of flowers as the world’s favorite gift for this holiday of love. As florists in Denver, we love the idea of creating flower arrangements and bouquets for Valentine’s Day because we know they are given in the spirit of love to someone that is considered very special. It adds to the joy we already feel when creating floral designs and hand arranging flowers for each order we take. This year, we offer a new Valentine’s Day flower and gift collection with numerous ways to give flowers for this special holiday, including various styles and price points, making it accessible for everyone. Here are some highlights of some beautiful flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day: • The Blushing Extravagance Bouquet is a luxury flower arrangement with hot pink and red roses as well as red spray roses arrange with sparkling stone accents and silver wire within a mirrored vase. • The Lavish Luxury Rose Bouquet contains multiple dozens of long-stemmed red roses arranged on top of a bed of white hydrangea blooms and clusters of green hypericum berries in a glass pillow vase. •

Giving What Your Sweetheart Prefers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that magical day where you spoil your sweetheart with all types of gifts to express your love. Some prefer flowers while others like chocolates. But, we, at Veldkamps Flowers, ask, why not give both? Our Valentine’s Day collection has arrived and it offers a way to offer your sweetheart everything their heart desires: • The Lasting Romance Bouquet is a mix of red roses and carnations along with pink lilies and mini carnations. It comes in a red and pink mosaic glass vase. • The Love You XO Valentine Bouquet contains red roses and mini carnations, hot pink carnations, and pink Asiatic lilies and stock in a frosted cylinder vase that has red and pink hearts and a greeting card tax that reads, “XO XO XO.” • The Cherished Love Bouquet offers red roses and carnations as well as white roses and button poms that are accented with aspidistra leaves. These are all hand arranged in a ceramic cube vase. • The Be Loved Valentine Bouquet has red roses, carnations, mini carnations, and gerbera daisies in a striped black and white ceramic vase that has a sequined red heart on the front that reads, “You & Me.”

Valentine’s Day Roses Show Her That She’s Always On Your Mind and In Your Heart

While the most traditional of all the possible Valentine’s Day gifts, roses still say it best when it comes to letting her know how she is always on your mind and in your heart. This year is no different when it comes to the timeless popularity of roses for Valentine’s Day. We’ve experienced record orders as many Valentine’s Day roses are delivered early as well as on this Sunday, February 14th. Here are some of the beautiful ways our floral design team have hand arranged our fresh, premium, and long-stem roses from Ecuador for Valentine’s Day: The Grand Valentine Rose Bouquet is an oversized arrangement of bold red roses with numerous greenery accents. You can get a smaller version of this arrangement called the Elegant Rose Bouquet. The Wrapped in Roses Bouquet comes in a stunning art glass vase with a hand-applied glass ribbon that has been filled with red long-stemmed roses. The Colorado Valentine Rose Bouquet offers a dozen roses in pink, white, or red atop white hydrangea and arranged in a weathered oak vase. The Art of Love Valentine Bouquet features red and pink roses in a sparkling vase that gives the impression of being covered in diamonds.

The Gift of Flowers is a Valentine’s Day Favorite

The most popular gift on Valentine’s Day continues to be flowers for their natural beauty and the beautiful message of love that they hold in that beauty. Flowers are not often something we buy ourselves, especially when on a tight budget, so getting them as a gift makes them all the more special. Our Valentine’s Day flower arrangements offer something special for everyone regardless of their style, preferred flowers, or budget. To illustrate the diverse options we have available for Valentine’s Day, check out these highlights from our Valentine’s Day flower arrangement collection: The Blushing Extravagance Luxury Bouquet offers hot pink roses, red roses, and red spray roses hand arranged with unique stone accents placed at the center of some of the blooms along with silver wires added throughout the arrangement in a looping effect. The Astonishing Luxury Mixed Bouquet includes orange roses, pink hydrangea, pale pink and hot pink stock and greenery in a Vera Wang clear glass and metal urn vase. The Sweetly Stunning Luxury Bouquet features orange roses and pink stargazer lilies in an elegant vase. The Blissfully Yours Valentine Bouquet has red roses and pink blooms in a red glass vase that has been tied with

Flowers, Chocolate, or Both This Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes it is hard to know the best gift to get for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. There are flowers but then there’s chocolate. Of course, with our Valentine’s Day collection, you could get both! Here are some of the highlights of our Valentine’s Day gifts: Valentine’s Day Flowers and Bouquets Here is a sample of the types of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements we have waiting for you: The Perfect Impressions Bouquet includes roses, mini carnations, Asiatic lilies and alstromeria in shades of red and pink. The shimmering vase creates a special look for your loved on this Valentine’s Day. The All You Need is Love Valentine Bouquet offers red roses, white alstromeria, and pink carnations in a red heart vase. The Lonely Hearts Valentine Bouquet gives you two gifts in one with a keepsake mug and numerous flowers that include peach and pink spray roses, red mini carnations, and pink alstromeria. The Perfect Bliss Luxury Bouquet is an incredible display of bi-colored pink and jade green roses along with a stunning container to house these beauties.  Valentine’s Day Chocolates Then there is the sweet stuff for your sweet from a local chocolate company here in Denver as well